Sports Injury

At Manor Clinic we know that the correct intervention is essential in the effective treatment of sports injuries.

In the acute stage of a sports injury the treatment focuses on limiting the swelling and damage to the tissue. But if an injury has become chronic, meaning it has not healed on its own, the appropriate treatment is essential to encourage the normal healing process to take place.

At Manor Clinic we understand the need for quick intervention and can offer appointments within 24–48 hours of injury. 

Many of our physiotherapists have worked ‘pitch-side’ with sports teams, understanding the mechanism of injuries, the initial treatment with R.I.C.E, and then returning the athlete back to their sport, fully rehabilitated. We have strong connections with many sports clubs in the area and are sole providers of physiotherapy to Sevenoaks Hockey Club.

Many of the physiotherapists have studied post-graduate courses and hold further qualifications in the treatment of sports injuries.

At Manor Clinic we have an extensive gymnasium for the rehabilitation of sports injuries, and also have specialist equipment such as video analysis and the pilates reformer in order to ensure the complete rehabilitation of the sports person.

As the patient is ready to return to more sports specific challenges they can integrate into the Sports Specific Rehabilitation Class, held on Monday evenings at another location. 

Meet the team

Hannah Perrett (Netball, Rugby)
Emily Whatling (Hockey, Gymnastics)
Suzie Brook (Rugby)
Jayne Nixon (Running, Dance, Tennis)
Carolyn Searby (Basketball, Hockey, Dance, Running)
Faye Peck (Cycling)