Sports Massage

Sports massage is a combination of deep tissue work and other techniques to help identify and speed the repair of minor soft tissue injuries. This type of therapeutic massage is not restricted to sportspeople as the techniques used can help ease muscle tension, assisting in relaxation and promoting flexibility.

The initial session includes a consultation, followed by a massage in which a variety of techniques can be used. After a massage your body should feel more finely tuned, with better circulation and relaxed muscles. Regular sports massage helps to maintain the body’s healing process and speed recovery.

Conditions, other than sports injuries or aches and pains, that can be eased by deep tissue massage

Stress and muscular tension that lead to headaches and migraines
Back pain
Fibromyalgia, ME
Breathing Problems
Improve Flexibility
Muscular pain during pregnancy

Meet our Practitioners:

Ben Randall
Karen Rooke
Stacie Loutit