Medical Insurance Arrangements

Sevenoaks Physiotherapy welcome payment from most medical insurers* and will bill directly on your behalf. However please be aware that even though you carry medical insurance the responsibility to settle bills with us remains with you and by signing our registration form you are agreeing to this as part of our terms and conditions. The insurance policy is between you and the insurer; we are simply collecting the money on your behalf and saving you a whole load of administration in the process!

In order to make the process as painless as possible, before you come in for your initial appointment could you please provide:

  1. Your up to date membership number and injury pre-authorisation number from your insurance company.
  2. Your policy limitations, like your excess amount, the number of sessions or the value that has been approved.

From time to time invoices will be returned unpaid due the limitations on your policy.  This means that you will need to pay Sevenoaks Physiotherapy directly for these unpaid invoices.  If you disagree with any of these charges, you will need to contact your insurance provider directly. 

Below are some examples why your insurance company may not pay an invoice we have sent to them on your behalf.

  1. Excess.  Most policies will have an excess which you will have to pay Sevenoaks Physiotherapy directly.
  2. Maximum Benefit.  If you go over the set value amount of your treatment, you will have to pay Sevenoaks Physiotherapy directly.
  3. Session limit.  Some policies have a session limitation.  If you go over this amount, you will be required to pay Sevenoaks Physiotherapy directly.
  4. Relevant Authorisation.  If you do not have authorisation from your insurance company, GP or in some cases your employer, you will have to pay for all treatment until this is resolved.

It is important to note that you can only claim for physiotherapy treatment. We also strongly recommend that you understand the policy limitations and if you are unhappy with the cover that the insurer provides that you speak with them direct.

You cannot claim for:

  • Missed appointments or cancellations
  • Other sessions (e.g. running technique coaching, Pilates classes or massage)
  • Tape, rollers or any other equipment 

*this does not include Vitality: patients will need to reclaim direct