We are putting in place some new car parking arrangements at Manor Clinic and want to ensure that everyone is forwarned and does not inadvertently pick up a fine. This has been made necessary due to increasing numbers of non-clients using the car parks which has meant that parking places are not available for clients when they arrive at the clinic for their appointment or class.
The new arrangements, which will commence from March 7th 2016, will involve an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system. This is similar to that in operation at an increasing number of hospitals and GP surgeries. The system works by recording the number plate of every car entering and exiting the clinic car parks. Clients of the clinic enter their vehicle registration number on a keypad (one will be at reception and the other, for class pupils, outside the studio). This can be done either on arrival or departure and there will be plenty of signage in the clinic to serve as a reminder. Where a visitor using the car parks does not enter their number they will be issued with a ticket. In addition where a vehicle is left in the car park well beyond the time that would normally be expected for an appointment or class then similarly a ticket will be issued. However the system has been set up so that there is sufficient time should a patient arrive early for an appointment or where a practitioner is running late. For those of you simply dropping a patient off at the door a there is a grace period of 10 minutes so that it is not necessary to enter a number in these situations. 
Kindly note that, as we have completely outsourced the management of ticketing, our receptionists have no authority to override the system. The fines are collected by, and are for the benefit of, the car park operating company, not ourselves. However in the event that you are issued with a ticket please follow the appeals procedure laid out on the ticket. We are able certify any appeal by a patient who has used the car park correctly so that ultimately they will not have to pay a fine.
We hope you agree that while requiring a little extra time on your part this should ultimately benefit all clients of the clinic. If you have any concerns please send these to admin@7oaksphysio.co.uk
Thank you for your understanding and continued support