Hypermobility service 

Manor Clinic is pleased to introduce our new Hypermobility service. 
This multidisciplinary service offers a full 1½ hours initial appointment. This will include a detailed physiotherapy subjective and objective assessment along with a full treatment session.  All problems will be checked and goals set with a comprehensive home exercise programme put in place.  If it was felt necessary, onward referral to another member of the Hypermobility team would also be provided. For example, a specialist podiatrist to help correct poor lower limb biomechanics or a Rheumatologist for help with pain management.

Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (BJHS) is something that affects a number of people to varying degrees. Adults and children alike can suffer from many symptoms including joint and muscle pain, subluxations / dislocations, fatigue and less common symptoms like fainting, dizziness, palpatations (PoTS) and IBS. 
A multidisciplinary approach to the management of this condition has been found to be the best way to deal with the complex nature of the problems associated with BJHS.  For more information on hypermobility please go to www.hypermobility.org
If you would like to know more about what is involved or would like to speak with someone regarding your problem then please email or phone the clinic.

"Both myself and other members of my family have seen Louise for joint problems and discomfort related to being hyper mobile. We have all seen a great improvement since following her treatment and are really grateful for Louise's knowledge and expertise of this condition, she has been an invaluable resource. I would  highly recommend Louise to anyone with hyper mobility" - Diane Steer

Meet the practitioner

Louise Huntley