This is a unique class that takes patients from the time that they are recovering from their injury, and onto the next stage which is to return them to their sport. There is a large leap from ending treatment in the clinic to making your first tackle in football or pivoting on a knee, that has had a ligament reconstruction, when suddenly changing direction in a game of netball. The patient needs to know that the knee is not going to ‘break down’ under pressure and that they are ready to return to their sport with full confidence that they are fit and ready.

The class is run by two physiotherapists who use their specialist skills to take the client through ‘sports specific’ drills gradually increasing how much the client can do. We work on speed, agility, quickness drills, core stability, flexibility and specific skill demands for the given sport. We are finding that we are getting excellent results with clients returning to their sport fitter than when they left it, and due to the speed agility work less likely to injure themselves in the future, and we are having a lot of fun whilst doing it.


Monday nights 20:00 Sennocke Centre

"The Monday night "rehab" class became a feature of my life for 4 months in 2011/12, and what a great investment of my time it proved to be.  Six weeks before attending, I'd torn an MCL in my left knee and at the first class I tentatively walked every routine; unable to sidestep, twist or turn.  Yet within a month, the expert guidance and support of the physios - and helped in no small measure by the camaraderie of my other classmates - had me gently jogging in straight lines and skipping through rope-ladder exercises.  Within 4 months, I'd skied Europe's longest black run (twice!) on a skiing holiday that I'd fretted about going on, but which my knee coped with superbly - thanks almost totally to the sports rehab class." Simon Aguss

Meet the practitioners

Carolyn Searby
Katie Daly
Louise Huntley