At Sevenoaks Physiotherapy we offer a wide range of physiotherapy assessment and treatment services for your child or teenager. Some of our physiotherapists are highly qualified and experienced in injuries or issues that uniquely kids and adolescents can develop. We are able to offer many levels of assessment, from one off consultations to ongoing regular assessments, treatments and review appointments.

Helping children with physiotherapy is quite different to helping adults, from an anatomical, physiological and psychological point of view. To treat children effectively all these issues need to be considered. 

Children are not just small adults, their skeleton is still maturing, they grow very quickly and their bodies are always developing.  To provide the right physiotherapy for children therefore requires very specialist knowledge and experience, something our physiotherapy team have in abundance.

We work with children and young adults who have many different issues- from Orthopedic issues to Dyspraxia.

We successfully treat children who have had trauma- such as fractures, sprains, gait issues with the way they walk or run, flat feet, hypermobility, knee/hip pain, growing pains – such as Osgood Slaters etc, back pain and movement/co-ordination issues to name but a few. We also are experts in Children and Adolescent sports injuries- everything from Ballet to Basketball! Rugby to Rounders!

In our excellent rehab gym we can not onlywork on strength, flexibility, and movement but can have fun and make the sessions enjoyable too.

We have flexible appointments after school hours and on holidays, so we can fit with your family needs.  We aim to make the sessions as effective as possible in a fun and friendly environment.

The Run + Rehab Clinic