We live in a fast moving world and the pace of life is speeding up each year. Each day we hurry to fulfil family and social oblgations and we participate in numerous other activities with seemingly unrealistic time constraints. We suffer from stress and illnesses which are created by our lifestyles. We expect so much from ourselves. Now is the time to reclaim some balance in your life, slow your breath, unclutter the mind, stretch and unwind your body.

We have an experienced British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher who also teaches internationally in the US and in Europe and one Iyengar qualified teacher. Our classes are small and friendly designed for your needs.

On Monday afternoons we offer a class of restorative yoga. This is a mixture of styles, primarily hatha yoga and it incorporates stretches to release tension from knotty shoulders and to release energy stuck in the body; strength postures to create upper body and core strength. At the end of the physical aspect, we create a feeling of well-being with de-stressing breathing exercises, meditation, yoga philosophy and relaxation.

We now also run an Iyengar class on Thursday afternoons, this class is a beginners/general yoga class.  Those new to yoga are welcome, as are those who have some experience already.  The sessions work the whole body in a series of poses – including standing, sitting, prone, inversions and forward extensions.  Each class ends with a period of relaxation in which you focus on your breathing and absorb the work that you have put in.

On Friday mornings we get the weekend off to a good start with a gentle class designed for strengthening, de-stressing and relaxing. This class take you very gently into understanding your own body and how it can best deal with the daily demands you make on it. Your core strength will improve and there is emphasis on correct breathing techniques so that you become less stressed and your immune system becomes more resilient. We also practice relaxation and meditation.  This class is suitable for all levels.


Yoga classes times:

Tuesday 2:00 - 3:00 (intermediate) with Jana Veldhuizen

Thursday 4.30 - 5.30pm (Iyengar Yoga) with Toni Elliott

Friday   10.30 - 11.45 (all levels) with Jana Veldhuizen

Friday 12..00 - 1.15 (intermediate) with Jana Veldhuizen 


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