Pilates has become a popular exercise modality that helps with posture, core stability, flexibility and muscle strengthening. It uses slow controlled movement yet achieves dynamic results.

The classes include:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Men-Only Classes
  • Daytime and Evening Sessions


All classes are small enough to enable personal attention throughout, and each class is structured to the ability and need of the students. .

For a detailed list of our Pilates classes (places availability shown in green), please click here

One-to-one sessions or one-to-two sessions are also available with a qualified teacher. These last for an hour. A one-to-one session is advised for beginners before starting a class to teach and demonstrate basics i.e., breathing, postures and the importance of getting in and out of postures safely. For times that our teachers are available for one-to-one sessions please click here