Pilates has become a popular exercise modality that helps with posture, core stability, flexibility and muscle strengthening. It uses slow controlled movement yet achieves dynamic results. At Manor Clinic we run over 30 classes catering for all abilities including Men-Only classes. A full timetable of classes can be found by clicking on this link. All classes are small enough to enable personal attention throughout. Our classes are characterised as follows:

Foundation Pilates: A great starting point for anyone new to Pilates. Effective and ideal for beginners and for those who want a solid stable class experience.

Progressive Pilates: Continue to build on your foundation with more complex movements and the use of some small equipment.

Mixed Ability Pilates: These classes are designed to cater to varying levels of experience from Foundation level to those who are more advanced.

Dynamic Pilates: An inspiring and uplifting class that will challenge you and increase your strength, and core stability whilst also focusing on improving flexibility.

Small Equipment Pilates: Exploring the use of dynaband, magic circle, mini ball, stability and weighted balls, and foam rollers, providing challenge and assistance in the matwork repertoire

Teen Pilates: Designed for 13-19 year olds who need to develop stability and core control for sport and improving posture.

Healthy Backs Class: Specialised back class to improve and prevent recurrence of back pain. This class combines specific exercises focussing on core stability and flexibility with education and back care to help support your spine and return normal movement. All abilities welcome, pre-assessment prior to entering the class. 

For a detailed list of our Pilates classes including days and times please click here

One-to-one sessions or one-to-two sessions are also available with a qualified teacher. These last for an hour. A one-to-one session is advised for beginners before starting a class to teach and demonstrate basics i.e., breathing, postures and the importance of getting in and out of postures safely. For times that our teachers are available and cost please contact reception on 01732 464400.

The Reformer

The Reformer is an elegant piece of Pilates equipment which creates resistance and assistance helping you to become more aware of your body. It will help increase your flexibility, mobility and strength, including core strength. It aids proper breathing and will improve circulation, plus many other great attributes. The Reformer is used for prevention of injuries and also for rehabilitation purposes and creates an enjoyable movement experience.
The Reformer is a dynamic alternative to Mat and should be tried! However, the two complement each other nicely.