Video Analysis

Video analysis can be used when a more detailed breakdown of the mechanism of injury is required. A tennis player may have a chronic ‘tennis elbow’ which is unresolved, she can especially feel the pain on the backhand. It may be advantageous to video the tennis player whilst moving through the motion of the backhand. The image can then be shown on a television screen and slowed down frame by frame to analyse what is happening during the injurious activity.

A runner training for the marathon may be starting to increase his distance, and his knee has started to hurt. The gait and running can be videoed whilst the client is on a treadmill and again this can be slowed in order to analyse what is happening in the lower limb to cause the pain to start in the knee.

With video analysis the slowed down analysis of the activity that is causing pain can be shown to the client and then a course of action can be discussed. If it is a problem with technique then it maybe that changes have to be made, to ensure that the client resolves the problem. The physiotherapists work closely with coaches or other professionals to ensure that any changes to technique are advantageous to how the client participates in the sport.