Elisabeth Swann – Osteopath (MOst, PGCert, BSc)

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Elisabeth provides a superior and professional osteopathic experience, striving to reduce pain and discomfort in order to optimise health and quality of life.

Prior to attaining a Masters degree in Osteopathy, Elisabeth worked within a financial institution during which time her passion for osteopathy was ignited after experiencing the positive effects of treatment first hand. She has a strong focus on patient care and believes it is vital to tailor treatment and management plans to each patient.

As well as successfully utilising a wide range of osteopathic techniques (both structural and cranial) Elisabeth can assist you with advice regarding lifestyle, posture, work ergonomics, after care and exercises to assist in the restoration and maintenance of peak health. She is also qualified in Medical Acupuncture which can be incorporated into your treatment plan and has proven beneficial to many patients.

Elisabeth treats all types of patients and has a specialist interest in arthritic pain and pregnancy related conditions. She also runs an equine and canine osteopathic practice; more details can be found at www.swannequineosteo.com.

Elisabeth has a passion for helping patients lead pain free lives and achieving their best possible health outcomes.

Contact Elisabeth to get back on the road to optimal health and vitality.

Tel: 07738 617 553