Bryony Tilley

BSc (Hons in Psychology), SPS (Dip.), MSMA.

Bryony gained a BSc in Biological Science from Edinburgh University in 2004, with honours in psychology and a specific interest in sports psychology. Bryony believes in a holistic approach to injury treatment and is able to use her broad knowledge base to the advantage of her clients.

Bryony gained a Level 4 diploma in Sports Massage from the Sports Performance Service, a school accredited by the governing body for sports massage (Sports Massage Association – SMA). She is a full member of the SMA which means that she carries out professional development each year to enhance her knowledge and skills and to ensure she is up-to-date with the latest techniques.

Bryony currently works as part of the treatment team for New Ash Green Rugby Club. She helps players in their recovery from injury and in the maintenance of their bodies during their training, as well as pre- and post- competition.

Bryony has also worked at large sporting events such as the London marathon, an amazing experience which allowed her to use her skills to aid runners post competition and to work on a range of athletes from amateur competitors to elite internationals.

Bryony is experienced working with both clients who need short-term recovery from injury and with clients who incorporate sports massage as a part of their sporting lives. Sports massage is useful in controlling pain and muscular discomfort as well as in preparation and recovery from sporting events.

Bryony is a very active individual and enjoys keeping fit. She participates regularly in pilates classes and is a strong believer in its health benefits for everyone. Bryony likes to run, swim, play tennis and play netball. She believes that an involvement in sport helps her understand how the body works in a sporting environment and how it recovers from injury.