Audiology service is the clinical branch of hearing and balance care. Audiology Planet has a clinical audiology service available for children and adults at Manor Clinic via our highly qualified audiologist Dr Jay Jindal.

Hearing Aid Service

Audiology Planet provides an independent, high quality hearing aid service for people who are in need of better hearing. Hearing is one of the most important senses. It connects people with people and their environment. Hearing issues can inadvertently affect your level of social engagement. Studies show that social engagement is vital for a long, happy and healthy life. Therefore, hear well and you will live well.

If your hearing issues are affecting your understanding of speech in noisy environment or if you are having to turn up the volume of your television, or if your family members are complaining that you are using ‘pardon’ too much; our individualised hearing aid service will have a great technological solution for you. We do hearing devices that come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are completely invisible and often they can also connect with your phone, television and music system etc. to enhance your hearing world. Also available-world’s first internet connected hearing aids. Ask us for more details.

All hearing aids come with 28 days no-questions-asked return warranty. Contact us a for booking a FREE HEARING CHECK today to explore your hearing needs.

Earwax Removal

Having a little bit of earwax is quite safe and natural. However, excessive earwax can cause hearing loss, tinnitus, pain and infection. It appears that normal olive oil (NOT extra virgin variety), and 5% sodium bicarbonate ear drops are two types of eardrops that can help many people suffering from earwax. However, sometime the wax will not come out merely with the drops when it should be removed via specialist procedure.

We provide a safe and effective earwax removal service for children and adults.


Paediatric Service

We use very latest state-of-art equipment to test hearing of children and adults. Our audiology assessment is comprehensive and evidence based. It goes much beyond than the basic hearing check you get with most other providers. We can see children of all age groups at our clinics.

Most common paediatric hearing issues are caused by Glue ear, which affects 90% of children when they are under 6 years old. If your child is speaking very loudly, using ‘pardon’ often or is lagging in speech and language development or academics; it can be a sign of underlying hearing issue. Get their hearing checked today.


Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

In the broad sense, the term auditory processing means ‘what you do with what you hear’.

It is estimated that 5-10% school children and many adults have undue difficulty in understanding speech and/or follow instructions, even though their hearing ability is perfectly within normal range. This could be a result of what’s known as ‘auditory processing disorder’ or APD. Often, children with APD will struggle with their speech/language abilities and/or academic performance. At the same time, adults will suffer from issues in listening in noisy environment at home or work. APD may coexist with some other problems such as ADHD, autistic spectrum disorder and dyslexia.

To diagnose APD, the audiologist will administer a series of tests. These tests require listeners to attend to a variety of signals and to respond to them via repetition, pushing a button, or in some other way. We use the latest and evidence based approach, customised to the individual ability to diagnose and manage APD.


Ear Plugs

We make all kind of ear and hearing protection custom earplugs. All our products are handcrafted by trained hearing technician to suit your individual needs.

Custom ear phones: If you are a music fan, you will ‘need’ one of these. A shape of your ear is used to make special earphone which fit perfectly well and securely in your ear, and deliver superior sound. The earphones fit so snugly that they don’t fall out of your ear while you are in the gym or otherwise exercising.

Your ears and the way you enjoy music are unique. Why trust your audio enjoyment to an off-the-shelf solution? Discover the quality and comfort of custom-made audio products today.

Sleep plugs: Sleep plugs are special ear sleeves for people who can do with a little more peace. Whether you are flying in an aeroplane or if you have a partner who tends to snore at night, these comfortable and customised ear plugs will provide a great solution.

It is amazing how little things like sleeping plugs can help your relationship. We have case studies where partners who were stressed and slept in different rooms due to issues with snoring, got back together after the prescription of sleeping plugs. One such happy client of ours likes to call them -back-in-the-bed-with-your-partner plugs!

There is some budding evidence that exposing yourself to loud snoring noise can even give you a permanent hearing loss and possibly tinnitus.

Swim plugs: Swimmers of all ages and abilities can experience sensitivity to water in the ear. Custom-made swimmer’s earplugs are waterproof when surface swimming and offer protection for those prone to ear infections or other ear problems. Swim plugs are a safe, effective way to protect your ears and prevent discomfort while continuing the activities you enjoy. They stop the water going into the ear while swimming or bathing.

Noise and music plugs: Whether you are an enthusiastic DIYer, an amateur shooter or a musician; your hearing is precious. Loud noise can cause irreversible damage to delicate structures inside the ear. This can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. Therefore, it is important that your hearing is protected at all time. We have a range of noise and music protection plugs to offer for your specific needs.


Around 6 million people in UK (almost 10% of the population) suffer from hearing sounds that are coming from inside the body rather than from outside, that is, tinnitus. Tinnitus sounds can be buzzing, ringing, hissing, grinding, whistling etc. Most people hear these sounds in both ears but some will hear it only on one side.

Some professionals will, unfortunately, advise people that nothing can be done about tinnitus and that there is no cure. This is far from truth. There are plenty of management options that can be used to manage tinnitus and reduce tinnitus related anxiety and stress. Sometime tinnitus is a result of earwax, hearing loss or middle ear disorders (glue ear, otoscelerosis etc), which are treatable conditions.


Balance and Dizziness

Balance and dizziness service involves diagnostic tests on dizziness related issues, prevention of falls in elderly people, and management of dizziness and balance disorders (including Epley’s manoeuvre).

Our balance service is catered for children above 7 years of age and adults. You will need a referral from your GP or medical specialist such as ENT surgeon, Paediatrician or a Neurologist. The tests are performed by state-of-art equipment following a standardised protocol.

Our specialist: Dr Jay Jindal, Au.D

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