Angela Routledge

Angela is a comprehensive Matwork and Apparatus Pilates teacher with over 17 years teaching experience at major health clubs. She trained with the well renowned Alan Herdman (the first person to open a Pilates studio in the UK). She is also an Advanced Body Balance Trainer, a fully qualified Fitness Professional and a Ballet Teacher registered with the Royal Academy of Dancing.

She has practiced Pilates for the past 25 years and is completely hooked! She was introduced to Pilates by Alan whilst training to be a classical dancer and was amazed how practicing the subtle exercises that focus on strengthening individual muscles could make such a difference to her technique and believes Pilates is what kept her injury free during her training and professional dance career. She says 'I am eternally grateful to Pilates, I love the effect it has on others and I never tire of teaching it! I love how I can use it to help clients recover from injuries, ease pain, cope with conditions such as MS or fibromyalgia or even to enhance their sports training'.