Allessandro Saba

Myo-facial Manipulation

Allessandro started his studies at the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London for 3 years in 1998, and soon after completed a year long course in Anatomy Physiology and Therapeutic Massage. With his background in Martial Arts, he became fascinated by the oriental approach and continued to attend various courses in Thai Yoga Massage, Chinese Tui Na and Qi Gong, for movement, massage and meditation.

Keen to learn more, he enrolled in another 270 hour course over 2 years in Advance Myo-Fascia techniques with Kinesis Uk. This is based on the theory of Tom Myers Anatomy Trains, one of the leading schools in Structural Integration. It has a worldwide reputation for its excellent training.

Recently I have attended a Functional Movement Screen FMS and Selective Functional Movement Assessment SFMA seminar. Both screen and assessment allow me to pinpoint with accuracy deficiencies in the movement patterns of clients giving me the opportunity to intervene with specific corrective exercises or manipulation of the connective tissue to treat imbalances.

I have also been practising martial arts for over 24 years and expanded my understanding of movement by practising Yoga Qi Gong and attending various Functional Training workshop.

The idea that our bodies become less mobile and weaker with age is one that I don t completely agree with. Of course we loose some of our strength and endurance with ageing, but with the right approach our bodies are without any doubt able to perform at an optimal level even at an old age.

Alessandro is at Manor Clinic on Mondays 14:00 - 20:00

Please contact Alessandro directly for further information or to book a session on 07725340906 or at